Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow days, how you challenge my sanity

Snow days.  No school today or tomorrow.  Hopefully they will go back to school on Wednesday.

I posted on Facebook, yesterday, a "thank-you" to Mother Nature for the timing of this Polar Vortex (that's a meteorological term I guess). Snow days are to be expected, but two of them in a row after my kids have already been home for two weeks on Christmas break is not cool.

To which post, a teacher-friend of mine commented that for teachers, these snow days are like a two-day miracle before having to try, for eight hours, to keep our cabin-fevered children sitting still and learning.

Okay, I guess she has a point.

However, let me make these points:  She gets PAID.  Yes I get it that teachers don't get paid enough, but they GET PAID.  Stay-at-home-parents?  No, they don't get a paycheck or benefits or paid time-off ( yes, yes, I know, they "get paid in kisses and hugs" but, have you tried to pay your bills with that? Or buy groceries?).

Also, teachers have evenings, weekends, summer breaks, Christmas breaks, and spring breaks to recover from the hours they spend with our children (and I would hope they actually enjoy the job they chose and for which they get paid - otherwise, why keep doing it?). Stay-at-home-parents have NO automatically scheduled vacations or breaks.  The only "break" I get from my 24/7 stay-at-home-mom job is when my kids are sleeping, and when they are at school...IF they have school.  Believe me, teachers, our kids are home and in our care MUCH more than they are at school.

So, forgive me for being a little frustrated that my list of five dozen to-do's isn't going to get done, or even started on, today.  Even as I sit here and write, my younger daughter is sitting in a chair right behind me, waiting to get on the computer (which she of course thought about doing ONLY because I said I had things to do on the computer. Grrrrrr. And I have to turn the computer screen so she can't read over my shoulder.).  Forgive me for wanting JUST A LITTLE TIME TO MYSELF, to sit and do something without being interrupted.  Sheesh.


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