Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Cave legit", or...

"let the reader beware". 

I think that if I am serious about wanting the world out there to come in here to my blog, and read what I write, I had better make a few things clear.

1) I am human, therefore, not perfect.  I make mistakes just like every other person.
2) I may post about a certain topic...and my thoughts/feelings/beliefs/opinions about that topic are subject to change.  Indeed, they are allowed to change.
3) I keep various aspects of my life and my family's life private...therefore, it should be obvious that you do not know everything about me.  Therefore, you do not know the circumstances which influence me or which cause me to write about various things.  Don't assume....anything about me, as you will probably be wrong.
4) What I write on this blog are my own opinions etc, and are not to be taken as the opinions/policies/beliefs of any organization which I lead or of which I am currently a part.
5) Although I do currently lead an organization for Prader-Willi Syndrome, that by no means makes me a "perfect PWS parent".  I don't have all the answers, and I don't profess to make all the right choices in this area.  My family does not live in a vacuum, where every move we make could be dictated by the vagaries of this complex syndrome.  Again, make no assumptions and do not judge, as you do not live my life.
6) If you read all the posts on this blog, it may seem like I am sort of a pessimist, or that my personality is more on the "melancholy" side than otherwise.  Perhaps that is true; but at the same time, I would say I'm just a realist, which means I am more likely to be pragmatic about life and allow the venting to co-exist with the rejoicing.  IMHO, people who do not allow their fellow humans to vent are vaguely passive-aggressive...and people who walk around with a smile plastered on their face for no apparent reason seem vaguely psychotic.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it,


Terry Guinn said...

You go girl! Great disclaimer and I sure wouldn't want to get on your bad side. lol You are doing a great job as a mom and as a leader.

JMB said...

Hi Terry! Thank you, and thank you also for visiting my blog!


J and Pa said...

Hi JMB! wish I knew you better.