Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Books in the Pile!

I just edited the "Books in the Pile" section, over there to the right.  Some of those titles had been on there for a while!

I still haven't finished reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin".....ugh.  It just hasn't been a "page-turner" for me.  I still want to finish it, but I think I would be somewhat more interested in reading about the affect/influence the book had on the whole slavery issue, and even possibly on the whole African-American/black experience in the U.S. 

I just started reading Lonesome Dove - yes, this is the book upon which the t.v. show (? or movie?) was based.  I think there was also a "Return to Lonesome Dove" which was definitely a t.v. show.  I'm not too far into it, but I already like it.  Very vivid.  It is a western, which is a genre I'm not very familiar with; it is also a really long book, so we'll see how I last with this.

You'll also notice, on that list, a few titles with an obvious working on my faith life emphasis (The Jesus I Never Knew, Women of the Bible).  Do not be scared, do not be alarmed - I am not what is stereotypically called a "Bible thumper".  I'm just in the middle of a very difficult process, called "trying to figure myself out".  And, folks, I have tried to depend only on myself, and my knowledge of myself up to this point - and it has not been successful.  I am a regular church-goer and have been my whole life.  I grew up Catholic, and B and I made the choice in 2003 to search out a church where, to put it very simply, we could both partake of Communion.  Thus we are currently attending an Episcopal church; and over the past 6+ years, whether because of the intensity of our life experiences, or because of this church specifically, or both, my faith has been greatly enriched.  I also am part of a Bible-study group which is just starting the Women of the Bible. I can already say I have learned from/been affected by this book...and we are only into week two.  All I can say is, God was there at my beginning and he'll be there when my days here are done....it is a good thing to get to know Him.  It has helped me deal with my life already.

More books later!

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An said...

Isn't it odd how, when we are in our teens and our twenties, we think we know mostly everything, and then by our thirties and forties, we realize how little we really know, especially about ourselves? I've been looking for help in my own life, too, and have been reading some books on faith. One of them is called "Mystical Hope, Trusting in the Mercy of God," by Cynthia Bourgeault. So far, it's a slow read, but an eye-opener as well.