Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This dog...

This is our dog, Henry.  Isn't he handsome?  We got him from our county's animal shelter in Feb/March of 2009; he was about 7 months old at that point.  He's gotten away from us a few times, and I have to say he is an extremely fast runner witha lot of nervous energy once he gets going, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had been someone's dog at some point (instead a stray from birth) and just started running one day, and didn't stop 'til the animal warden caught up w/him.  The picture just down to the right, where he has his favorite, red, outside toy, is from June of '09, and you can see he still has a lot of "puppy" in his look there.

Anyway....any thoughts as to what kind of dog he might be?  During the adoption process we read on his paperwork that the shelter thought he might be a sheltie/retriever mix, and when people have asked us since we brought him home, that's what I have said as well.  But I'm not really sure; a sheltie's nose has a pretty distinctive shape and Henry's nose doesn't quite match that.  He does have a lot of  the golden retriever "look" about him - but he just isn't that big, he's only about 40 lbs.  We have a golden next door to us and even allowing for genetic size differences, Henry is definitely much smaller in comparison.
I know there is now a blood test that can be done on dogs, to try and pin down this kind of information - but it is expensive, and it's not crucial to us that we know.  I'm just curious to see what all the dog lovers out there think!

He's such a good boy; I wasn't really crazy about getting a dog and only went ahead with it for my husband's and childrens' sake.  But Henry has become my buddy, and he's such a good boy.  The cats get their exercise by chasing him around - which adds some excitement to his day as well!  It has been a good thing so far!



Farmer's Wyfe said...

He looks to me to be part Border Collie. I love them. They are super smart and like to herd things or chase them. Do you notice he likes to chase balls or sticks or things?
Met you from my Blog Frog list. Nice to meet you. :)

JMB said...

Hello Farmer's Wyfe! Nice to meet you as well, thanks for coming over to visit the blog!

You are right, he does look like a border collie - my sister-in-law and her husband have (I think) an Australian border collie and he and Henry do look similar especially in the nose area. Henry is indeed pretty smart, and does LOVE to chase things...especially the chipmunks, squirrels and possum in our backyard. He always torments the birds...the mourning doves had better learn to move a little faster. He also of course has several favorite outside toys, playing fetch is his absolute favorite.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be stopping by your blog as well!


An said...

How weird - I thought I, too, posted a comment here, but I don't see it..... Anyway, I wonder if perhaps he has a bit of American husky in him: His nose, his ears, the tufts of super-fine fluff behind his ears - this all is so very similar to our two Miniature American Eskimo Huskies!