Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let us not buy socks...

...which are so similar in size, style, and color,
that it will cause a huge fight
at eight-o-clock in the morning,
about whose sock is whose,
because it fits this foot or that,
and she doesn't HAVE a pair like that,
and YES I DO,
until all a parent wants to do
is take said socks
and hide them
in the deepest, darkest, spidery-est
corner of the basement,
and then it is what socks? never heard of 'em.

Later, after a martini,

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J and Pa said...

Oh my gosh! I needed a good laugh today!!!! (home with migraine) I thought the answer to J & my sock probs was to only buy white atheletic, black, navy. NOOOOooo. manufacturers have never ever made 2 pairs of socks exactly alike & I have never washed both socks in a pair at the same time. These little things are what leads one to violent murderous thoughts....not the big issues.

J and Pa said...

Enter this in poetry contest.

Janis said...

I have never found the solution to this problem. I have tried buying each kid a different kind, a different color, but it never works. My 17-year-old daughter will wear Audrianna's little socks and stretch them out. My son who wears a size 13 will borrow mine and stretch them out. Now I have no socks at all.

Rachel said...

There is one solution to this problem and it only works if they can both wear the same size. But only one kind, buy as many packages as you can at once. Throw away all other socks. It works best if you can buy plain white with no colors on the heels and toes and definitely the same size. Wait until they start fighting over underwear!! Cuz no one will know whos is whos and no one will want to wear the ones SHE wore!