Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Bit 'A Random

I read another blog, where the author does "stream-of-consciousness" posts...I'm going to try that, sort of!

-WHAT A LONG FREAKIN' WEEKEND!!!  In what has probably been the loooooooogest month of February EVER!  Oh my gosh, people.  I know, I know, the stereotype is that everyone looks forward to their weekends, and everybody loves snow days, and Valentine's Day is just a big 'ol Love-fest for the whole world.  Well, not so much, not for everyone!  We've had two big storms in my area in the very short month of February, which means lots of shlepping through snow, shoveling the driveway umpteen times, branches getting weighed down with ice and breaking off.  Plus three snow days, yippee.  If you know me at all - and well, some of you don't, so let me just say I am not big on playing in the snow.  I am also a slacker mother, who (gasp!) neglected to buy snow-worthy boots for K, you know, way back in JULY when the stores were actually stocking snow-worthy boots.  So not only do I feel like a terrible mom because I don't jump for joy at snow days, but also because I stupidly am not thinking about snow boots in JULY, when they for some reason are on the shelves in the stores.  So, K is not really able to play in the snow, so alas, we are at least one of the lawns on my block lacking the cute snow-people.  Bad mommy, bad mommy!
-and, don't get me wrong, I love my kids, my husband is a great guy, but it's been all of the house (and snowed in on Friday)....ALL WEEKEND.  Whatever part of the brain it is, that needs people around for company, is
So, y'all can go on back to work, back to school....I'm good.  I'll be here at 3 p.m./7 p.m., when you get home.  K'thanks.
-a little edit - Valentine's Day was actually decent, here.  B snagged tickets, from a co-worker, to see "South Pacific". 
-My husband, being the long-suffering, great guy that he is, made dinner today.  Did I sorta nag him into doing it? Yep.  Did it kill him to actually step foot in a grocery store, and plan a meal? No, it did not.  Do I feel badly for having sorta badgered him into doing it? definitely wasn't a bright spot in the day, but darn it, no I don't feel badly. He even made dessert, which I don't do.  So, I have to say, it was nice to not spend yet another Sunday afternoon at the grocery store. For the guys reading this, please don't hate me!
-It took me about four hours to clear the driveway and front walk of snow, on Friday (B was home but he wasn't feeling well).  The amount of snow we got, all in about 8-10 hours, was just insane.  It was quite a workout, let me tell you!  I felt really mellow the rest of the day; either from weariness or all those endorphins (I think those are the feel-good things that get released when you exercise), I don't know.  And, by this time tomorrow, it will look as if there was never any snow on the driveway at all, go figure.  Oh well, I couldn't have let it sit and just melt, as we wouldn't have been able to even drive down the driveway.  Yes, we have a snowblower but I think ones of the blades is broken or something, so it's not really effective at moving snow at the moment.  Plus, it's fun to look all strong and durable and long-suffering, out there with my shovel, braving the wind and the 2,000 lb chunks of snow, while the neighbors power through their drifts with the snow-blowers.  Good times.  Love winter.
-I cleaned S's room yesterday!  Initially she was NOT happy about this.  She grabbed the box for some game insisting that one was staying in her room (even though she's played with it all of two times since she got it two Christmases ago), proceeded to have a minor meltdown, ended up falling asleep on B's lap in the family room....and all was well after that, thank God!!!  Her room was just a mess, with a drift of toys by the bookshelf, junk all over the dresser...I'm surprised she ever wanted to play/sleep in there.  But, I think she really likes it clean.  She seems really happy about how it looks now, and I think she really likes being able to get to her favorite toys without tripping over a pile of stuff.  Next up...K's room.....sigh. 
-Well, actually, it's a toss-up between straightening K's room (one last time...I promise...from now on she'll do it all herself, for sure...) and straightening the now-messy basement, where I've been putting all the kids' things as I empty out/clean their rooms.  Can we say, garage sale?  I've been telling K she could make a pile 'o money on Ebay, selling some of her Barbies.  Wasn't there some mom, who warned her family that if they didn't clean up their stuff, she'd sell the lot of it on Ebay?  Hmmmmmm........
-I am pondering teaching K (she's 11) how to cook this summer, using some of the time while S is at day camp.  Any suggestions? Good cookbooks?  Advice on how to stay patient :-) ?

Okay, I think that's enough random for now.


Terry Guinn said...

Random thoughts. If we meet someday at a conference... I hope it's not snowing! If I see a shovel, I'll be running for the nearest exit.

If your daughter is like mine, at 11 she might enjoy learning to cook... You cleaning her room for her, not so much. LOL

Diplo_Daddy said...

If your daughter makes a complete mess of her own room, make her clean it up.....

JMB said...

Terry - Thanks for reading the blog! And, no worries, I don't think the TSA will allow my to bring my shovel. And if there's snow at this conference, well, I for one will not be shoveling it!

I think K will enjoy learning to cook. Well, if nothing else, at least I hope it helps make her a less picky eater. I'm going on the premise that the meals a person makes for themselves generally taste better because of the work going into making them!

Re. cleaning K's room - both of you make a good point! K probably wouldn't appreciate it much, as I'm definitely in a pare-down mode and I'm sure I'd end up putting something "in storage" (the basement) which she'd need. And, Diplo_Daddy, no worries, her room really isn't a complete disaster, it's livable, and I'm not going to clean it for her. I may consistently get after her to straighten it up some, though.

Thanks guys, for reading and commenting!

Rachel said...

I used to hate it when my mom cleaned my room at that age I was a messy kid! I learned quick that if I wanted to keep it, it had better be put away when Mom came into my room!
K should like learning to cook, by the time I was her age I was cooking basic meals for the whole family of 8.