Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Bit 'A Random

1.  I am thankful for Ibuprofen some point in the next few hours it will hopefully help my head stop pounding. [headache still lingers.]

2. I posted a question in BlogFrog the other day, seeing if there are any other bloggers out there from my state....thus far, only two people have responded!  I know BF doesn't cover every blogger out there...but, wow, only three of us??

3. It is back to being cold, here...funny how much colder 25 degrees feels, when I've had a taste of 50 degrees!

4. My older daughter, K, is downstairs right now playing her violin WITHOUT HAVING BEEN ASKED.  We got home from dinner, S and I took the dog for a walk, and came home to her playing away in her room (B stayed home w/her)!!!  She is not taking lessons at the she's just playing right now because she enjoys cool is that!

5. It is completely annoying to me when people are judged as "inferior" or "not worth one's time" on the basis of financial status/income, clothing, physical state, age, eating habits, willingness to conform....I've been judged along those lines, and it really stinks.

6. I like motorcycles, would love to have a ride on one at least once!  But, I'm not sure I would buy one for myself...I have images of being in a accident and sliding across gravel etc etc.  Plus they're kinda loud.

7. Found a random bit of chewed-up metal in the garbage disposal today...does that mean it is going to fall apart/explode in the next week or so??  Sigh.

8. I'm an avid F/armville player; there, I admitted it, I'm out in the open about my "habit".  A highlight of my week was that I was finally able to have my farmer travel to the English now I have two farms!  It's funny though, how polarizing FV can be...FB people either love it or really hate it.  I try my hardest to spare my non-playing friends from the multiple posts, though!

9. Are H.ershey Kiss wrappers recycle-able?  My husband keeps tossing them in the general vicinity of the recycling can, and it drives me crazy as they generally end up on the floor.  I'd love to know definitively whether they recycle or not!

10. Books I'm reading/listening to at the moment: The Girl Who Played With Fire (Stieg Larsson), The God of The Hive (Laurie R. King), Orange is the New Black: MyYear in a Women's Prison (Piper Kerman), A Red Herring Without Mustard (Alan Bradley).  Awesome books!

Thanks for reading,


Rachel said...

I will pray for your garbage disposal! :)

I once found my cell phone in my garbage disposal don't ask me how it got there!!

The New Model Housewife said...

Hope your headache gets better.

I'm with you on the sweet wrapper issue. Plastic is the hardest thing to work out if it's recyclable or not.

Ainsley said...

I like reading random posts like this one! I can definately relate to #3! I hope it warms up soon!
-Ainsley from Ohio