Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Decided today would be a Thankful Thursday post!  Well....I'm thankful every day, but sometimes it helps to write it out, you know?

1. I am insanely thankful for every person who works with or for the individuals and families in the Prader-Willi Syndrome community, here in the States and around the world.  PWS is such a little-known and challenging syndrome - every bit of help, fund-raising, and support are SO needed and appreciated.

2. I'm thankful that, in spite of "me", God saw fit to have me meet, date, and marry Brad....he's a great father, he works hard and always has....and he puts up with all my weirdnesses and quirks. Why, I don't know.

3. I am thankful for every moment during which S, my younger daughter, is in an amiable and flexible mood.  The behavioral challenges that come along with PWS mean that she often has little control over whether she's amiable/flexible or belligerent/hard to deal with. 

4. I am trying to be thankful for the unceasing rain...glad it's just rain and not snow at this point!

5. I am thankful for vacuum cleaners that really suck up the dirt!  That's a little strange, I know - but since we don't exactly have the funds to get the carpets cleaned regularly, it's nice to have a vacuum that seems to really work well.  I'd love to get a D.yson vacuum, but wow they are expensive.

I hope you have lots to be thankful for!  Thanks for reading!


Rachel said...

I love my vacuum! I can definitely relate to that one! I love to empty the dirt container and marvel at how much dirt it picks up compared to my old one. I am sure the novelty will wear off one day but until then I will sing its praises!

kiwimeg said...

I totally identify with the vacuum cleaner thing too!

And there is something about a nice clean floor that makes the house seem extra tidy ... even when you've just picked up everything off the floor and piled it on the sofa!

JMB said...

Hi Rachel and Meg, thank you for commenting!

You know what's the best, about the whole vacuuming chore? My vacuum has a canister, and a little foam filter, which can be washed out. It is very gratifying to vacuum after I've cleaned those (which I do frequently, I'm hoping it makes the vacuum last longer and run better), because then it REALLY picks up some serious dirt and lots of pet hair! It's the little things, you know?