Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Bit 'A Random

1. Oh, yes, I am experiencing "blog block".  I have ideas throughout the day, pretty much every day, for potential posts....and then come 9 or 10 p.m. when I actually make it up here, POOF! the ideas have run away from my brain! 

2. It got up to 82 degrees here, on Sunday!  While it was extremely nice to get outside, I have to admit the extreme change in temperature made me feel a little sick.  A little more slowly, please, Mother Nature!

3. This dog, Henry, aka "dipsydoodle", "fuzzybutt", "mr. crunchypants"....
has taught me that the saying "playing possum" is, actually, true.  He
tackled an adult possum the other night, fortunately just roughed it up
a bit and then B managed to get him away from it and I got Henry inside. The possum was still laying there, so I went out with a flashlight and checked on it....I really thought it was dead...but it was indeed only
pretending, i.e. "playing possum"!  After a while it got up and went home!
Thank goodness.

Henry got a lecture.  I'm sure it made no difference.  He was all excited.  Sigh.

copyright JMB 2011

copyright JMB 2011

4.  I have actually SOLD a set of my Zentangle notecards!  YAY!  Someone who has watched me work on these over the weeks, at a table at my daughter's dance studio, told me she wanted to buy a set.  Wow.  Again, YAY!
I will also be selling sets of them, to
raise money for the Prader-Willi Syndrome chapter here in my state, in a few weeks during the coffee-hour at my church.  I really hope people like them and buy them!

That's all my randomness for the moment, I'm sure I'll think of more random stuff throughout the day...maybe (if I can remember it) I'll add it later.


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Rachel said...

The poor possum!! Glad he was OK!