Sunday, May 15, 2011

the "Versatile Blog" Award!

I just have to thank my blog friend Rachel over at "Picture This" ( not just for this award but for being patient w/me until I FINALLY got it onto my blog here!!  Weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks ago (well, okay, maybe not THAT far back but it has definitely been at least three weeks) she gave this award out.  I love reading Rachel's blog because she is a caring, interesting person with a great sense of humor, and her blog is one of substance and honesty (two things not automatically found on every single blog!).  So I hope you'll check her blog out as well!

Yay!  Thank you Rachel!  So now what I have to do is tell you 7 things about myself, and then pass this award on to other bloggers.  So here are 7 things, ummmmmm....

1.  I am the youngest of 10 children; my mother was pregnant for about 20 years.  Not straight through obviously - there are approximately 2-yr gaps between us all I think.   I had a great childhood.  I could never have had a big family of my own, but they are fun.

2.  I went to an all-girls high school which had a brick wall around it (at one time it was a convent).  In retrospect it was a great experience and was definitely a benefit in terms of being ready for college.  At the time though, it was a bit challenging as I was not from a wealthy family but many of my classmates were.

3. At some point during my childhood I actually made up a code and then kept a journal in that code.  Seriously.  It was fun.

4.  Speaking of journals, I have 6-7 notebooks/journals, and a handful of "started" journals...and I'm not sure whether I should keep them or burn them.  I'm not sure I'd want the Hubster reading them if I kicked the bucket, as they are mostly full of childish whining and complaining from a much different time in my life!  I may feed them to the firepit this summer, I doubt there's much to be gained from re-reading them.

5.  I have a firm belief that I have a good singing voice.  I probably don't, and hopefully my friends and family will prevent me from auditioning for "Middle-Aged American Idol" should such a show ever exist.

6.  I think when I was about 8, my mom gave me a box of socks for a birthday present.  I must have really liked it as that is the one birthday present that really stands out in my memory of childhood birthdays!  Probably it was really cool because, instead of being hand-me-down socks they were all 100% new!

7.  Someday I would like to get a pilot's license.  Looking at the earth from up in the sky is pretty cool.  If I don't get a pilot's license I might at least skydive once.

I am not sure at the moment to which blogs I will pass the Versatile Blog award on...I'll have to think on it.

Thanks for reading!

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Rachel said...

Wow what nice things you said about me (blushing!) thanks!
I did not realize you were one of 10 kids I am one of 6 I thought I had it bad :) Nah I love my big family, especially now that we are all adults and most of us have our own kids. So many little nieces and nephews to love on! I was the oldest daughter so I wore boys hand me downs for a very long time so I get the whole box of socks thing!!