Saturday, July 16, 2011

5-Question Friday!

I know, I'm a little late to the party, oh well!  Here goes:

1. If you knew your best friend's spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?
YES.  I know it would be a hard thing to do, but for that kind of behavior to continue hurts everyone involved.  It would be hard for me to have someone tell me that kind of thing too - but I'd rather know, so that I could end the relationship asap and move on with my life.  Why continue a bad thing one second longer than necessary?
2. Soda in a can or a bottle?
Well, I don't really drink soda/pop - too much sugar.  Mostly it tastes like fizzy syrup which, to me, is not really all that refreshing or hydrating.  But, when I do drink the stuff, it does taste better out of a bottle, with lots of ice, sipped through a straw.
3. What do you wash first, hair or body?
Hair.  And lately, every time I wash my hair (which is every day of course!), I think "wow I really need a haircut".  At which point I consider just trimming it myself, which I have done before.  And then I think, no, I should really use that gift certificate I recv'd for a birthday like two years ago, and go to a salon and have it trimmed and styled and all that.  And then I think, well, then I'd get all hooked on getting my hair done at the salon, and then before you know it I'd be spending $100 every 6 weeks to get it cut and styled and colored and all that.  And then I think, well, no, I should just use that hair-coloring kit I bought a month ago and have been too chicken to use thus far.  And then I remember when I looked at the directions and read that first I'd have to do an allergic-reaction-test, and not wash my hair for 48 hours after coloring (if I'm not allergic to the stuff in the first place, that is).  And then I think, well, that's just too complicated for me to try today.....and another day goes by, and my hair just keeps on a'growin.
Seriously, this is my train of thought pretty much every I wash my hair.  That's more info than you wanted, I'm sure.
4. What advice would you give to any new mama?
Oh, my.  Wellllll.......Get some sleep.  Forget about the laundry, the dishes, and cooking complete meals for yourself (and your spouse/partner if you have one).  Toss all of your personal likes/dislikes/hobbies/desire for a clean house out the window and forget about them.  Do not buy your baby Every Piece of Baby Equipment Out There, because believe me, you really don't need 75% of it.  Take lots and lots and lots of pictures, and video if you can!  I have been going through the "My Pictures" section on my hard drive, organizing photos....and have re-discovered sooooo many cute photos, and two videos!, of my kids.  I'm am so glad to have them - they are priceless because the time has gone so fast.  I really doubt we are having any more kids, so to have these photos and videos is really meaningful!  Oh, and also, don't worry too much about germs.  I mean, be careful of course, but unless you plan on never leaving your house, you child will encounter germs.  Lastly, do not forget about YOU; start slowly if you need to, but try to go out on your own or with some friends, at least once a month (yes, even when your baby is only a month old).  It can be for just an hour!  But get some non-house-non-baby-air, once in a while.  It will help you maintain perspective.

5. What is your best hangover remedy?
Well.  I haven't had the opportunity to drink enough to get into hangover range, in a long time!  But, even when I'm drinking just a little, I still feel the effects the next day.  So, my remedy is, that same night that you've been really chugging it down, take 2 aspirin with a LOT of water.  Alcohol really dehydrates you, so the water will help with that the next day.  And in the morning, drink more water, and a cup of coffee if you can, and eat a piece of dry toast - just to get something in your stomach besides alcohol and acid.
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