Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garage, lots of stuff

I've been trying over the past few weeks to steadily work through one room in the basement, sorting out what will go in the garage sale.  This is just to start with....eventually I have the goal of going through every single part of the house.

WOW there is a LOT of stuff. 

When K came along, we did what many parents do and went a little overboard with the purchasing of equipment, and toys, and clothes, you name it we probably had it.  We had a yard sale about 2 years ago and sold a huge amount of children's clothes, and some toys, so on and so forth.  I thought we had cleaned out a lot of stuff. 

All I can say is, while we did indeed clear out quite a bit of stuff with that sale, it's a good thing we did because otherwise, at this point, we'd be on an episode of "". 

I have so far filled up about 7-8 big black trash bags with things to go in the sale.  With my large family, and generous in-laws, both of my kids were very, very showered with gifts for Christmases, birthdays, and any other holiday which could be considered a gift-giving event.  While K did play with pretty much everything she received, S did not.  She is very much into the "idea" of asking for and receiving presents, but there are many toys/books/what-not which she just didn't get into.  Personally I think this is part of her PWS diagnosis - there are things she plays with, but they aren't your run-of-the-mill toy.  Little People?  Nope.  Puzzles (a favorite of many individuals with PWS)? Not really, at this point.  Polly Pockets? The clothes are too small and too hard to maneuver for her, in terms of fine-motor skills.  Board games involving any kind of strategy (checkers) or abstract thinking?  Not really at this point.  She does enjoy books, both for reading herself and also for pretend-I'm-a-teacher-reading-to-my-students pretending - but I've definitely purchased waaaaaaaay more than we really need over the years!  So I am happy to sell those (or even give them away) to folks who need them or will actually use them.

So, back to the basement for me today.  I have to confess, it actually feels pretty good to be sorting through things and clearing out some space!

Thanks for reading-
My biggest challenge, in terms of getting ready for this sale, will be convincing Hubster to go through his books and put a certain percentage of those in the sale.  Hmph.  We'll see on that one!


Rachel said...

I am going to side with the Hubby! I never get rid of books! I hate moving because I have boxes and boxes of books but I cannot get rid of any of them...LOL they are my curse.

Yes I Blog said...

Yeah...I'm with Hubby and Rachel...books are something that are worth keeping.

The other stuff...Craigslist, Yard Sale, Ebay, Listia, Freecycle...get rid of it any way you can and be thankful if you get some spending money as a result.

We did a HUGE cleanout when we moved last fall...I still have boxes of junk in my office and garage to go through!