Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little Bit 'A Random

1.  B and I upgraded our cell phones a few weeks ago...we both have "smartphones".  Even with the word "smart" in there I still have not been able to teach mine how to do the laundry.  I keep waiting...I've even left it on top of the washing maching downstairs a few times...nothing happened.  Sigh.
All joking aside, the phones are really pretty cool.  I've been using the calendar on mine a lot, which is helping to keep me organized.  It was especially useful last week as I helped get my niece to basketball camp and S to her summer Thursday, as I would pull out of the driveway, I had to do a mental check to remember who I was picking up/dropping off and if I was headed in the right direction!  My niece greatly enjoyed basketball camp.  She's pretty good (plus she's taller than me at this point, so that helps!)!  The camp was held at a local college, which has a relatively new gym...I don't think I've ever been in a gym that big.  I think I could fit my house in it a few times.

2.  We have now gotten 5 or 6 estimates on a new roof.  Cha-ching!!  This is going to cost between $5000 and $9000, depending on who we hire and what exactly they do.  Did you know it is aesthetically important that the roof and house shingles match??  I did not know this.  The Hubster was assuming we were getting the garage done too....I was not thinking that at all, since there is nothing wrong with the garage roof!  It is newer than the house roof and doesn't leak, so I wasn't including that in the job at all.  He said it would look stupid if the roofs didn't 'match'.  Ummmm.  I don't think I have ever noticed whether or not the roofs match.  I would notice if they were two different colors, but I don't think I would care otherwise.  I was, needless to say, gulping a bit at the cost; the Hubster did get a bonus this year but I was hoping to use some of that to help fund a PWS-related trip later this year.  So we haven't completely decided whether to do the roof this year, or wait another year.

3.  Try explaining this bumper-sticker to an eleven-year old:  "I Give Evolution Two Opposable Thumbs Up!".   I read it and got it right away...I had a really hard time, though, trying to explain it to K.

4.  Elder Daughter ("K") now has a cell phone.  Hallelujah we have crossed that bridge.  I don't think she is finding it as "all that" as she thought it would be.  I gave her my most recent cell phone, with her own phone number.  It is considerably less sophisticated than the iPhones I have seen other 11-year olds carrying. 

5.  Why would anyone in their right mind get an iPhone for an 11-year-old?  I don't care what kind of cell plan you have, those phones are a) expensive, and b) much more 'phone' than a person that age needs.  K can make phone calls, text, take pictures - that's it.  And even though she's been wanting a phone for two years, and now she has one, you know what?  It sits there.  She's not constantly texting or calling friends.  I've seen her with her DSi in her hands more, over the past two days, than the phone.  Of course, maybe that will all change once school starts and she starts giving out her phone number to other friends (no boys though!).  Although, if her grades start to fall, the phone goes buh-bye.

6.  We are in the process of putting up the pool outside.  We have so far purchased 28 bags of sand, trying to get this particular patch of ground as level as possible. We are going to need more sand.  It is really hot outside, especially when hauling around bags of sand. 

7.  I can't believe it is already July 4th weekend.  I have a feeling the summer is going to go by really fast.  S has been enjoying her summer camp, although there have been a few minor food issues.  I've become totally impatient with food-based "crafts" or activities!

Well, it's hot up here by the computer (although the computer does stay cool enough), so I'm off to go buy more sand...although it's hot doing that too!  Thanks for reading,


Rachel said...

My heads spinning just reading all you guys are doing! Sounds like a busy summer!

An said...

BACK AWAY FROM THE SMARTPHONES GAMES, GIRL, BAAAAAAACCCKKKK AWAYYYYYYY. You think Farmville is bad? Try to stay away from games on a mini-computer that you can actually carry around with you everywhere!