Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well, heck, it's January 2014

2013 absolutely flew by.  And the past three months - or, really, the past 6-8 months - have been somewhat grueling, emotionally. So I am more than happy to start a "new year", even though I know it's just a change in the date.

I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but I do tend to look ahead and think "what would I like to accomplish in the next 12 months?".  Of course I have a long list of things I have put off doing which I'd really like to get done this year. But since I am not an "island unto myself", and I have children/pets/a husband, I refuse to put too much pressure on myself to Get All The Things Done That I Should Have Done days or months or years ago.  I know even if I lived alone and was not married and did not have children or pets, I would still be putting pressure on myself to do this-or-that - and for what?  Going around with a brain full of pressure and I-shoulds and I-musts is largely unproductive, I think.  It just puts so much stress on the brain that all I feel able to do is, well, sit down and think about everything I should be doing.

One thing I would like to do, though, is make writing a regular part of my weekly schedule. I announced publicly (on Facebook, which for me is somewhat similar to announcing it over the intercom at the local grocery store) that in 2014 I wanted to write more.  Of course, I didn't say what I would be I guess I could be sneaky and clever and just write some neatly-worded to-do lists every day, or put out some pithy and rich Tweets or something.  But, I am aiming to do more/better than that.  I joined up with "NaBloPoMo" for January, which stands for "National Blog Post Month".  Technically this is a November activity but it actually happens every month. It means I am supposed to put up a blog post every day in January.  Obviously, since it is now January 2, I am already a day late.  Oh well! Whether or not I like it, sometimes my efforts to write more this year will just have to take second-place to responsibilities like laundry and grocery shopping (and today, shoveling the driveway possibly). Such is life!



Lynda Lippin said...

You may be a day late, but at least you wrote! I also joined NaBloPoMo to kick my blogging butt in gear.

Linda Stewart said...

I recommitted to blogging with the November NaBloPoMo and now heading into the third month. Life has a way of getting in the way of what we would like to be the important stuff … like blogging, reading or hanging out with friends. Do what you can and don't worry about the rest. I found if I gave myself the guilts over not posting I was less inclined to have another go the next day.

Helen Keyes said...

I make goals for three next months. It will be more able to accomplish than making plans throughout a year.

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