Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post #3: Nine things I wonder about

1. Why would anyone ever want to drive 25 mph in a 35 mph zone? Do they do this just to totally irritate the person behind them? I've repeatedly instructed B. to smack me if I ever do this. I have also warned him that I will return the favor.
2. Why have clothing companies started putting those garment-care tags on the side seams of shirts?? They are 100 times more likely to irritate the skin there (esp. the skin of a 5-yr-old) than they ever did when placed on the neckline.
3. Why is the volume on a commercial about 50 times louder than on the show you are watching?
4. Why does Billie Mays practically SCREAM his commercials? You know this guy, he sells Oxi-clean, and this new sandwhich maker contraption...I'd be much more likely to buy his products if he didn't shout like an idiot.
5. Why do people go to libraries and only take out stacks of DVDs?
6. Does anyone still think the "Beetle Bailey" cartoon is funny?
7. How does a nine-year-old get to be so paranoid about peanut butter? Yesterday she asked me if chocolate-chip cookies had peanut-butter in them. Today she asked if her chicken sandwhich had peanut-butter in it....okay, at that point I knew she was just being funny, but geez...
8. Why do some streets in my neighborhood get their mail by 10 a.m., and we don't get ours until 4:30??
9. Why do people audition on "American Idol" when they very clearly don't have even one iota of singing talent? Do they not watch the show, ever? Why would they subject themselves to that kind of embarassment on national television? I feel bad for some of the people that go on there, and I often wonder what they deal with when they go home as far as their friends' and family members' reaction to their "15 minutes of fame".

Just wonderin',

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