Friday, January 23, 2009

Post #3: Short and sweet...

because tomorrow is gathering #3 on behalf of S.'s birthday, and I'm still cleaning the house.

On a church street sign today I read this: "Survivor: Suburbia Style". Ain't that the truth? Not so much here, in my little town - people here are relatively down-to-earth and likable, I have found. So when I read this sign, what jumped to mind was more of a "financially surviving middle-class-life" kind of vibe. B. makes twice as much as my dad ever did when I was growing up, and he and I have 8 fewer children than my parents did....and we still have no stinkin' money. We have health insurance and still can't cover the costs not covered by the insurance. We eat generic everything. I dilute the generic fabric softener when I wash clothes. Let me say, one thing to be learned when money is tight is how to make do with less - how it's not actually necessary or better to buy the brand-name stuff. After our "reckoning" with the financial guy two weeks ago, things may get just sliiiiiiiightly better in a few months.....but we're still using retirement money to pay off credit card bills, and while it will be a relief to have some breathing room, achieving that in this way does not give me warm-fuzzies.

On a brighter note, my floors are clean, which is nice because they really needed it. It's not nice to step on the same sticky spot several weeks in a row.


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