Friday, February 18, 2011

5-Question Friday!

Heeeeeere's the q's and a's!  And, by the way, this is generated by the mom over at  Just wanted to make sure she got the credit here!

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
Yes, yes, yes.  To the point where my older daughter has started calling me on it!!  At which point I usually respond, "well, honey, I've spent all my money buying you and your sister clothes/toys/an education, so this is all I have left in my closet!".  Lovely when one's children start pointing out one's lack of fashion; it's like having "What Not toWear" living here in my house.  See, I don't even need to go on that show!

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
Wellll.....probably either Seattle, Portland (OR), or Vancouver BC - only because I have siblings who live either in or near those cities.  I don't get to see them very much, consequently, so a year in any one of those cities would be fantastic!  Plus, I find those large cities somehow easier to manage than New York City (which will probably be the city-of-choice for a lot of people answering this question!).

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
Definitely fly if at all possible.  Are you kidding me?? Even driving to the corner with my children in the car is sometimes an exercise in insanity!!

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
UPDATED Answers:
Reality = Vacuuming on a day that feels spring-like.  :-)
In-My-Dream-World Answer =  Well, I would send my husband and kids on a 2-week-vacation.  Anywhere, they could even go to Paris and I think I'd be okay with that, if it enabled me to live out this dream!  Then, in that two weeks I would go through the entire house, top-to-bottom, rent a dumpster and park it in the driveway under a convenient window, and pitch, pitch, pitch!!  Then, near the end of the two weeks, I'd hold a monster garage sale. Now, that is spring cleaning. 
With the profits from that, I could probably send myself on a really nice trip.
Sigh.  It'll probably never happen quite that way...but I can dream, right?

5. What is the best book you have ever read?
Oooo, this is a tough one.  I have read probably a couple thousand books by this point in my life; being an English major in college definitely ups that number.  I will say that one book I am going to be re-reading shortly is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.  Great book, great story!  And, a wonderful book I just finished is Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson - again great book, great story!  Highly recommend either one of these.

Have a great weekend!


KentuckyGal said...

New visitor/follower from 5QF. Love your answer to the spring cleaning question. :O)

Feel free to visit and follow me anytime at Back Porchervations.

J and Pa said...

Hey JMB,
sis-out-law here. Re: K's dress/fashion. Try Google images. Type "Sonny Munroe D-sign outfits for tweens" or something to that effect.... might K love the one with the yellow, grey, black, white geometric skirt, grey HOODIE, under blk jacket, worn with jeggings, or leggings or tights, etc.? I really like this line. Need to investigate a catalogue for better ensemble ideas... Let me know if you wanna go shopping! P.

Rachel said...

Love Love Love your answer to the spring cleaning question!

Pipsylou said...

#1 is GREAT! Oh my goodness!

My little girl always wants this or that and I alway say, "Well, if you get it, it's off to day care and of course we'll have to move to a smaller house where you will share a room with your little brother."

That quiets her quickly. :)