Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ten Things I Believe In

[From "The Imagination Prompt Generator" at www.] [because I have total blog-block and could not get myself going today]

Ten Things I Believe...or Believe In

1. I believe in God (and Jesus) (and the Holy Spirit) (and grace) (there, got that out of the way...needed to be said, seems an obvious thought)

2. I believe that the human mind is capable of digesting new thoughts and ideas at any/every point in a person's life.

3. I believe that humans have a responsibility to continue educating themselves throughout their life - to seek out knowledge about topics completely new to excuses!

4. I believe that stay-at-home mothers should always, always, always, always take at least an hour or two every single week to do something without their children...something which builds on any intellectual background they might have, or which increases their "thinking power" (so NO, I do not count manis/pedis in this...unless you ar studying for your master's degree while you get your toes done!).  Now, please know that I fully support motherhood and parenting and all that.  But there is a whole part of an adult's brain which needs feeding, needs stimulation.....and which has absolutely NOTHING to do with baby food/diapers/toilet-training/tantrums/duplo blocks or playdates.  Feed your brain!!!!

5. I believe that females should always pursue the highest level of education that they can, before they even get married.  Because, in my humble opinion, the very second a female gets married, it is a lightning-speed-progression to living a life of cleaning, cooking, cleaning, child-rearing, get my drift.

6. I believe that every human on the planet, to the best of their ability, has a responsibility to cultivate a "world view" mentality.  Without judgement I believe we all need to educate ourselves thoroughly about at least one other country - preferably one we know little about - at least every one-two years.  I think this would potentially help our relationships with other countries.  We don't have to agree with how other countries do things, but international politics might be helped if we at least understood the background.

7. I believe that humans, when they are thinking charitably, have a responsibility to support charities that help/support humanity, before supporting charities for animals.  If humanity is suffering, they aren't exactly able to care for animals anyway. So support the human-based charity first, then by all means adopt an animal from your local shelter (which we did) or donate to ASPCA.

8. I believe that before people start looking to other humans for inspiration/help with life's problems, they might try looking to God.  Just a thought.

9. I believe that people should at least participate in a Bible study, before they decide that "God is not for them".  Don't knock it 'til ya try it.  Again, just a thought.

10.  I believe that there really isn't any good reason to start a child into the acting/tv/Hollywood life before they are, say, 18.  It is just sad to hear about the young people in the entertainment world, who make waaaay too much money at such young ages, and then sniff it all up their nose/shoot it into a vein and end up in rehab - or dead - by the age of 25.  In that atmosphere it is hard for even the best of parents to shield their child from the drugs and the negative influences.  Won't the child be just as talented - and more mature and able to make better decisions - at 18??

Well, there ya have it.  I'm not always this serious, folks, just trust me on that!!



Devin said...

Can I just state for the record how much I agree with the things on this list!

Yikes--it felt like you were inside my brain :)

Rachel said...

Very good list! I may steal this idea for a later blog post (of course i will credit you with the idea!) I am in major blog block right now too but at least its almost Friday so I have 5 Question Friday to participate in!

Diplo_Daddy said...

1. Yep, I believe in Him, too.
2. Mostly agree here, too. Although, try as I might, I’m never, ever going to be really clever at math.
3. Yes, without question.
4. The same can be applied to Stay-at-Home Fathers. Nothing like an afternoon with my buddies watching NASCAR or my beloved Miami Dolphins stomp the daylights out of somebody.
5. True. However, ladies shouldn’t always think the onus is on them, and them alone, to do everything in the house. Men can clean, dust, mop floors, iron, cook, wash clothes, fold clothes and feed, dress and bath children, no matter what age their child is. If I can do, any man can do it. Men who change diapers change the world! Amen.
6. I couldn’t agree more.
7. I think it should be equally divided. But I certainly understand your point of view.
8. Great point.
9. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink the water. Sometimes, no matter what you do, or how you word it, people just don’t believe it.
10. There’s a weekly reality show over here in London, England, which follows the lives of mothers (from America) who put their 3,4,5,6 and 7 year old daughters into beauty pageant after beauty pageant. So no, I’m not a fan of teenie bopper movie stars.