Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seven things that make me happy!

1.  The weather!  Warm-ish today - sun is out, the birds are tweeting away.  Fortunately, the birds can still tweet without needing a calling plan from V.erizon Wireless or where-ever. Ha ha.

2.  Guest Blogging!!  SO excited.  Tomorrow (Friday 3/18) I will be Heather's first "My Faith Friday" guest blogger, over at  Thank you Heather!   Also check out her blog, it is really good!

3.  Tax returns which will, hopefully, help us get rid of some debt...YAY.  I will admit to a moment of being tempted to blow the whole amount on a really wonderful vacation.  But, while a great trip would be fun for the moment, it will be MUCH more gratifying in the long run, keeping more money in the bank and being able to buy groceries without having to resort to the credit cards.

4.  Knitting/crocheting!  Keeps me sane, keeps me out of trouble (somewhat). To the left is a photo of the three most recent prayer shawls I have knitted for my church.  A great way to use my talent for knitting nice, cozy rectangles!  I have been told that the recipients of these really appreciate them.  Very cool.

5.  Writing!  And knowing that both people I know, and People Out There, read what I write here and like it!  Or, at least read it :-)

6.  I am sooo glad the weather has gotten nice enough here, to be able to walk the dog after dinner.  The dog appreciates it (it's funny how insanely excited he gets when he recognizes the "going for a walk" signs: two plastic bags, the 'special' leash', it's after dinner, everyone is getting coats on but #1 Human (me) is NOT getting cars keys...), we all get some exercise, it gets us out of the house and away from the Wii.  Yay!

7.  I am so excited, I took some of my Zentangle notecards to a print shop earlier this week, to see if they could scan the design and print up multiple copies, so that I can sell them as a pack.  If this works it will be awesome!  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.  [Update, they are done, I am going to pick them up now!]

Have a wonderful day!

Later, Jen


Adriana Iris said...

new friend...

Rachel said...

OH the weather was beautiful today and will be even better here tomorrow! This makes me happy it has been a long New England winter for sure. I love that your dog recognizes the signs of a walk...

ArtsyNina said...

I'm in MN and spring is taking forever to get here... BUT I did hear a tweet yesterday outside my window! (so sick of those computer tweets, lol)