Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm a Guest Blogger!

Hello all,

Today (Friday, 3/18) I am a Guest Blogger over at Heather's blog "Serve One Another In Love", located at

My post is the first in a new series she is doing, called "My Faith Fridays", and my particular post touches on how being a special-needs parent has affected my faith life.  I would love it if you would stop over there and check it out - and leave a comment (either here or there).  Heather's blog is very "approachable" and worth reading, I hope you'll check that out too.

Thanks for reading.

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J and Pa said...

hey JMB!

Yeah we check in; hope my comment didn't scare you into deleting. REMEMBER THE TITLE OF YOUR BLOG!! Everyone needs to release the pent-up steam. Believe me, if I wasn't married to your brother, you might be reading similar comments from me! But blood is thicker than water and he is blood & I am only water. Well, the comments wouldn't be exactly the same....& then there would be his comments about be; I shudder to think..!

On happier notes: I really am excited for all your new ventures. Let's see, guest blogging, writing fascinating book reviews, drawing those intricate pen & inks, photography worthy of a show, writng poetry & prose worthy of publishing, philosophising, and now I find out you knit/crochet, too? And raise the 2 sweetest, funniest, smartest girls I know?! Oops, EXCLUDING the rest of my nieces, of course. Jeesh! Family is like tip-toeing through minefields, sometimes.

Anyhoo. J & me are here if you need us. Say what you need to say!
Luv, P