Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is This What a Mid-Life Crisis Feels Like?

Did you ever get tired of...yourself?

Like, you get into this mood where you just want to change everything about yourself, because you feel like you've been the same and looked the same and done the same, for ever 'n' ever?

I'm in that kind of mood!

I'm not going to run out and buy a cherry-red Corv.ette or run off with the pool boy, or anything like that (because subconsciosly I must think that's what people do during a mid-life crisis) (and we don't have a pool, so there is no 'pool boy').

But I'm in this mood where I'd love to pitch my entire "wardrobe" and buy all new clothes, and get a funky haircut and then have it colored something completely different, and go back to school for a degree in something completely different than anything I've ever thought of.  Doesn't that all sound exciting?

But, I probably won't do any of those things - because I don't have the money for all new clothes, and the pragmatist in me doesn't want to change my hair (because I might really hate it), and I still have a big chunk of school loans to pay off so I don't really want to spend more money on my own education at the moment.

Maybe I'll just get my ears pierced and paint my nails black and get a small tattoo, or scrape the ugly wallpaper off the dining room walls and paint them to surprise my husband.




Lisa said...

Can I join you on your change everything quest? This post made me think of Bruce Springstein.."Im just tired and bored with myself"!I've always wondered about having purple hair!

Rachel said...

I know the feeling! I think you should do something for yourself! I chopped off my long hair last month down to shorter (but still long) layers now I want to get it colored. I saw this really cute thing the other day they did pink highlights in someones hair but the highlights were on the under layers of her hair so you could only see them when her hair moved. I think I am going to do that!!