Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring break wrap-up

Well, it has been a relatively calm week...not what I was expecting, given that both kids and my husband have been home all week.  Usually having everyone here 24/7 would have driven me insane...and I will admit that it is definitely...louder here when they're all home.  But, I gave myself a word of advice at the beginning of the week, which was to lay low, let them all be as noisy as they want to be, and try not to be my regular overly-noise-conscious self.  It seems to have worked, and I'm glad of it.  Come Monday I will be back to trying to accomplish many things.  My to-do list seems never-ending, always, and in weeks like this I really can't tackle ANY of it.  I really don't even try!

So what did we do all week?  Well, the girls spent oodles of time in their pajamas, only getting dressed when they absolutely had to.  We went over and visited my in-laws - nice to do that, sometimes, when it is not a holiday! - and also went to see my sister-in-law/the girls' aunt, at her job one afternoon.  She works at a Nature Center, and as we arrived she was just about to make up a new home for a new, tiny little mouse the center had just gotten.  Cutest little thing!  Aunt B. also let the girls pet a few snakes, and hold a box turtle, and S. watched crickets getting put into the, uh, cricket bin I guess!  Yesterday afternoon the girls were able to ride on Aunt B's horse Athena - after they helped brush her of course.  Athena is really a wonderful horse, and very big but still gentle enough for the girls to ride.  Always fun to go out there, and I think Aunt B. really loves sharing this with the girls!  Then today we went over to see my sister and her two kids and their dog, and her (my sister's) husband who is still in the process of having some melanomas removed from his back - some really big sections - I am so glad the biopsies came back negative.  I can't believe how tall and grown-up my nephew is getting!

So that's about all we did this week.  We didn't take a trip but I will say, it is very nice to have a break from the school routines of getting up early, managing homework, packing lunches etc.!  And even with the huge departure from regular routine, S. made it through the week without any big meltdowns; some moments here or there but nothing too bad.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading, sorry it's not more exciting 'round here!

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Rachel said...

So glad you and your family had a nice spring break! It is nice to visit family on a non holiday! As an auntie I am sure they appreciated it too!