Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garage Sale Report!

Yay, it is DONE!  Some observations from the day:

1)  When I make 5 signs advertising my garage sale, and every single flippin' sign says VERY clearly "NO EARLY BIRDS", yes I really do mean that if the sale starts at 9 a.m. I am not ready or willing to sell even a pencil UNTIL 9 A.M.  I really mean that.  I'm not kidding.  I am not a morning person so, FOR SURE, I am not ready for you to begin trolling through my cast-offs until 9 A.M. and no sooner.

2) And you know what?  The woman who attempted to start shopping my sale early this morning was, I swear, the same woman who tried to do the same thing at the sale we had about 3 years ago.  Apparently she has not learned how to read.

3) Once again, same as with the last time we had a garage sale, the things I thought would sell immediately...didn't sell immediately, or didn't sell at all.  For example, the Hubster used to work for a company called "The Bom.bay Company".  It was a higher-priced home decor store.  At one point they company opened a Kids decor store, from which he purchaned this small, pink, ride-on rocking poodle thing.  Stop laughing, it's very cute. It originally was priced for about $130 (he bought it at a discount).  The girls were never at all rough with their toys and this little toy was no exception - it's still in really good shape.  We had it priced for $10.  We still have it, it did not sell.  I was really surprised.

4) Coffee mugs do not sell well, at garage sales.

5) Maci.ntosh computers from around 2002 (?) also do not sell well.  In fact, they don't sell at all.

6) A cozy-looking pink Snu.ggie, which some young girl received for Christmas just 8 months ago....also does not sell.

After our last garage sale, I was amazed at how much "money spent" was represented by all the stuff we had spread out or put on tables, on our lawn.  It was truly amazing, the hundreds of dollars represented by what we had on sale that day.  This time around, the Hubster made that observation first, early in the day, as we sat and surveyed everything we had put out.  Lots and lots and lots of toys, lots and lots of children's book, a good number of very nice girl's dresses,  almost $1000 worth of car seats and baby equipment...all priced at just a fraction of its original cost.  Some of the toys were really never even played with.  I know, I know - that's the way it is with kids.  You can try and guess what kinds of things they'd like for birthdays or holidays, but inevitably, unless they're standing right there telling you what to buy AND they have about two months to try out the thing first, you have only about a 10% chance of getting them something they actually will keep/like/use.  So, a good deal of the gifts kids get are either re-gifted, or touched once and then put away, or exchanged for the thing they really wanted.  Maybe companies should start shaping the gift cards into big, gift-size plastic cubes gift-cards, so we can all wrap/gift those for birthdays and holidays and still be sure that the kids will like/use them? I will say this - if you are still in the baby-having phase of your life, or you are a grandparent who is able to spend time with the grandkids - shop at garage sales.  Do not pay full-price for ANYTHING which you might be able to get, almost new and for so much less, at a garage sale.  This includes small toys or toy 'parts', large plastic yard toys, books, furniture, playpens, high-chairs, clothing.  Seriously, take a day and troll the neighborhood garage sales.  It may take a couple stops or tries but I am sure you will find something good!

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An said...

Congratulations on the garage sale! I notice that coffee mugs are never something I look for at garage sales. I'll buy kids stuffed animals and toys, those with minimal or no buttons or ribbons on them, and those that do not have beans in them, to use as dog toys! They are far, far cheaper than the toys one can purchase at the pet store as dog toys, and are often tougher too.